Create a task in Asana when an entry moves stages in Attio 

Asana is a popular tool for organizing team projects and tasks. This Zapier automation will create a new task in a chosen Asana project when an entry in Attio moves kanban stage.

Prep: Connect Asana and Zapier

You’ll first need to connect your Asana account to Zapier - follow this short guide to get started.

Prep: Connect Attio and Zapier

Follow our short guide on connecting Attio and Zapier, making sure you've set up your API key with read and write permissions.

1. Build your Zapier trigger

From your Zapier dashboard, click Create Zap in the top left. Search for Attio from the App Event window, and from the Trigger Event dropdown pick Entry Attribute Changed. Choose your Attio account, workspace, and list when prompted. Continue to test your trigger.

2. Add a Filter step

To make sure your Zap only runs when an entry moves to a certain kanban stage, you’ll need to add a filter with some conditions. Add a new step to your Zap with the + icon and click Filter on the right.

Without this step, your Zap will run when any attribute is changed or updated in Attio.

Click on the first condition dropdown and select Show all options. Scroll down and select List Attributes Kanban Stages Name. The next two condition fields should be set to (Text) Contains and then the name of the new kanban stage you'd like to use to trigger the Zap. In the example below, the Zap will run when an entry moves to the Meeting Scheduled stage in our kanban.

A Filter step is being configured in Zapier to only run the automation under certain criteria; in this example, it's when a kanban stage contains the text 'Meeting Scheduled'.
Set the precise conditions under which your Zap will run

3. Create an Asana action

Create a new action with the + icon and search for Asana from the App Event window. From the Trigger Event dropdown, pick Create Task. Choose your Asana account when prompted. Next, choose your Workspace / Organization followed by your Project and Section - these will determine where new tasks are created.

For Name, pick whichever Attio data point is the most useful title for your task - in the example below, we’ve chosen the record’s company name. You can also use this step to add due dates, notes, assignees, and tags to your Asana task if you choose. Continue to test your trigger. Once tested, turn on your Zap.

An action step is configured to create new tasks in Asana in a project called Sales once the Zap is triggered
Tell Zapier what you'd like Asana to do with data from previous steps

And that’s it! Now every time an entry moves kanban stage in your Attio list, a new task will be created in your Asana project.

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