Collect contact details with Google Forms 

Google Forms is a popular, free survey solution that allows users to quickly and easily build customizable forms. This guide will show you how to build a Zapier automation that automatically sends new entries to your Attio list whenever a Google Form is completed.

Prep: Connect Attio to Zapier

Follow our guide on how to connect Attio to Zapier, making sure you've set up your API key with both read and write permissions. This will help to ensure your Zap runs smoothly.

Prep: Connect Google Forms to Zapier

Head to your Zapier dashboard and click Add connection in the top right. Search for Google Forms (Beta) and choose it from the dropdown. When prompted, sign in with Google and allow Zapier access to your Google account. Make sure you’ve chosen the (Beta) version of the Google Forms Zapier app.

1. Build a Google Form

Head to your Google Forms dashboard and click the + icon to create a new blank form. Give your form a memorable name and customize your fields. For this example, we’ll just be collecting some basic name and company information.

An example Google form collecting name and company data
Build a custom Google Form - we recommend you collect first and last names separately
To automatically collect email addresses, click the Settings tab at the top of the form editor. Select the arrow beside the Responses section to expand it and toggle Collect email addresses on.

When you're done, click the Send button in the top right to publish your form. You can share it via email, a unique URL, or embed it on your website. Completed forms can be found in the Responses tab in the forms editor.

2. Create a trigger in Zapier

From your Zapier dashboard, click Create Zap in the top left. Search for Google Forms (Beta) from the App Event window, and from the Trigger Event dropdown pick New Form Response. Choose your Google account when prompted, followed by the form you’ve just created. Continue to test your trigger.

A trigger step is being configured in Zapier, where a specific Google Form is chosen start the automation process
Tell Zapier to wait for new form responses before initiating the Zap

3. Create a new person in Attio

Add a new action step and pick Attio from the App Event dropdown. For Action Event, choose Find or Create a Person. Select your Attio account. Mapping the fields using the data from step 2, set your action up like this:

An action step in Zapier is configured to collect name and email address values using data from step 1
Locate an existing person or create a new one in your Attio workspace

Continue to test your action.

To link a person and a company in Attio you’ll first need to add a Find or Create Company action, followed by a Link Person and Company action. Map the fields using data from prior steps. Learn more about mapping fields.

4. Create an entry in your Attio list

Finally, we’ll add an entry to a list in Attio. Add another action step to your Zap and pick Attio from the dropdown. Choose Find or Create Entry from the Action Event dropdown, and pick your Attio account when prompted. Next, you'll want to set up your action like this:

An action is being configured to create a new entry in Attio in a chosen list called Sales, using values from prior steps in the Zap
Create a new entry in your Attio list using values from previous steps

Continue to test your action and turn on your Zap. Now every time someone completes your Google Form, a new person will be created in your Attio workspace and a new entry will be added to your chosen list. 

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