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Workspace access

Invite members to your workspace, combine networks, work together seamlessly, and keep your team on the same page.

Workspace access

Members can be invited to your workspace with different access levels.

  • Admin: admin users can access and change Workspace settings. They can invite new members, and manage member access and billing info
  • Member: members cannot access Workspace settings, manage access, or invite new members
  • Suspend from workspace: Suspend members from your workspace or revoke an invite

Editing workspace access

To change member access, click on the dropdown beside your workspace name and choose Workspace settings (only admins will see this option). Next choose Members. Individual member access can be managed from the Access Level dropdowns.

Inviting members

Workspace admins can invite new members at any time.

From the dropdown beside your workspace name choose Workspace settings. Next choose Members and scroll down to + Add a Member. Enter their email address and set their access level before clicking Invite.

After you've sent an invite, you can check its status or revoke it by heading back to Members.

Note: You can only invite the same number of members as purchased seats in your workspace. Admins can manage seat count on the Billing tab of Workspace settings.

Collection access

Collection access determines what members can see and do in your collection. Learn more about collection access.

Email access

Email content is private by default but can be shared on a single or entire record basis.

  • Users can request access to email content - the owner can then approve or deny access
  • All users included in an email have the ability to manage access to the thread
  • Access can be revoked at any time by the user who granted it
  • Read more about email sharing here
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