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Single sign-on

Attio allows Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality to access the app through a single authentication source.

SSO can be set up in Attio by a workspace admin following these steps:

  1. From the Security panel in Account Settings, verify each of the domains that you wish for SAML to apply to. For example if you wish for to be covered by your SAML installation you must verify using our DNS challenge method
  2. Once verified, click “Enable SAML” which will present the SAML configuration options
  3. Upload your IDP certificate and set the IDP Sign In URL
  4. Last, retrieve your unique SAML SP url for IDP-initiated flows from inside of the settings panel

Please note that you will need to ensure that the NameID is the Email Address of the user as this is how we match the account to the SAML token.

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