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Sharing and collaborating

Whether you're working alone or with a team, Attio is built to bring clarity to your workflow and your network.

With real-time updates, shared networks, and @mentions throughout the platform - Attio makes collaboration easy.

Sharing with your team

You can invite your team to your workspace as workspace admins or members.

  • Members have access to all contacts and notes, tasks, and files linked to them
  • Workspace admins have all member permissions as well as access to Account Settings including billing, user management, and API Key management

Throughout Attio, you can share your data with your entire team, or just those that need it.

Sharing collections

A collection is a database of contacts specific to a workflow and all the relevant data you track around them. Share collections with your workspace or certain members of your team.

There are four different levels a collection can be shared on:

  • Workspace access: every member in your workspace can view and edit the data within the collection. Other members cannot share the collection
  • Full access: members can view and edit data, configure attributes, and create views
  • Read-only: members can view collection data and any created views, but not edit either. Read-only also allows users to comment on entries within the collection
  • No access: members cannot view the collection on their sidebar or any of the collection's data on contact activity timelines

Email sharing

When you sync your inbox with Attio all of your emails are pulled into your workspace, organized by contact. You can always view your own emails but they're not shared with any other member by default.

  • Set your default sharing settings to include the subject line of your emails or keep them hidden
  • Blacklist any domains or contacts from syncing from your inbox
  • Share all emails with any given contact with all members of your workspace or just those that need it
  • Alternatively, share specific emails in the same way
  • You can also request access to other member's emails. They'll be notified and have the option to accept or deny your request

In this example, I've shared a single email with the company Our World in Data with everyone in my workspace. I then share all emails with Our World in Data with one member of my team.

Collaborating with your team

Working together in real-time

Several members of your team can view and edit shared content on Attio at the same time. Thanks to real-time updates, you'll always be working on the latest version of each page.

  • Always know which members are currently on the same page as you thanks to user avatars
  • View exactly where other members are working within tables and notes
  • View updated data in real-time across your entire workspace
  • If several users update the same content at the same time, the most recent update will be reflected on the page

Mentions and notifications

Assign tasks, start conversations, and mention teammates to pull their attention to the right place throughout the platform.


You can @mention other members of your team in notes, tasks, and comments making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Notes are the perfect place to capture your thoughts from calls, meetings or conversations around a contact
  • Tasks allow you to quickly create reminders for things like follow ups. Link them to a Contact, assign them to a member, and use natural language to set due dates
  • Comments allow for short remarks or questions on collection entries


  • Your team will be notified any time they are mentioned in notes, comments, or tasks
  • In-app notifications live in the activity feed on your sidebar. Open notes, newly shared emails and reply to comments directly from the feed
  • You can also opt-in for email notifications in your Personal Settings

We've walked through all the ways Attio makes collaborating with your team easier. In our next guide for power users we'll be focusing on how you can integrate your other tools with Attio and automate your day-to-day tasks.

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