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Tips & Tricks

Quick actions and keyboard shortcuts

Become an Attio power user by mastering these commands, no mouse required.

Keyboard shortcuts

Learn how to use Attio as quickly as possible by using these key shortcuts on any page. Some of our top shortcuts include:

  • Open search by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + K
  • Use N to create a note
  • Use E to create an entry
  • Use T to create a task

Find all of Attio's shortcuts by typing ? or clicking the help menu in the bottom right.

Quick actions

Open the quick action menu using Cmd/Ctrl + K anywhere in the product to quickly perform key actions relative to your page.

On collection pages:

  • Add an entry to that collection
  • Open the manage attribute window

On contact pages:

  • Create a note tied to that contact
  • Create a task tied to that contact
  • Create an entry tied to that contact

From any page:

  • Add a new company or person
  • Open personal settings
  • Jump to our support docs to find an answer
  • Jump to our API docs and get in touch with the engineering team

Table views

Work within Table Views without touching your mouse:

  • Move across cells using the arrow keys
  • Edit a cell and save changes by pressing ⏎ Enter
  • Scroll through Attribute Options using and


Pull team members attention to the right place with mentions:

  • Mention a member using @ followed by their name in tasks, notes, and comments
  • Mention a contact using @ followed by their name in tasks, notes, and comments

Note formatting

Easily format your Notes with these characters:

  • Press + B for bold text
  • Press + I for italic text
  • Press - + space for bullet points
  • Press 1. + space for numbered points
  • Press # + space for Heading 1
  • Press ## + space for Heading 2
  • Press ### + space for Heading 3
  • Press + Z to undo
  • Press + Shift + Z to redo
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