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Moving entries between collections

Moving a group of contacts or entries from one collection to another can be done in a few quick steps.

Moving contacts

If you'd like to move over just a list of contacts, and no additional attribute data, you can do so by:

  • Filtering for the list of contacts that you would like to add in a table view
  • Selecting all in the top left corner of your table
  • Selecting Add to collection over on the right of your
  • Select the collection you would like to add the contacts to
  • The contacts will be added to the collection but also remain in the original

Moving entries

If you'd like to move over a list of contacts and additional attribute data, you'll need to first export your data to CSV, then reimport the file to the new collection.

  • Create a new view that includes the attribute data you'd like to move over
  • Filter the view if you'd only like a subset of your entries included (for example, all entries in the Closed stage of a pipeline)
  • Export your view to CSV from the top right of the view
  • Import your CSV file to the new collection using the contact ID in your mapping

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