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Kanban Views

Kanban views are perfect for visualizing and moving your contact entries through the stages of your workflow.

Create a kanban view

There are two ways to create a kanban view:

  • Select kanban as an initial view when creating a new collection
  • Within an existing collection, select + Create a View in the view dropdown then select kanban

Customize kanban views

Adapt your kanban to fit any piece of your workflow. Add filters, change the display, and narrow down your pipeline to focus on what's most important.

Display attributes

  • Attributes can be displayed on each contact entry card on your kanban
  • Expand an entry on your board by clicking the ⌞⌝ icon in the top right of the card
  • Toggle on custom attributes for display in the collection tab and enriched attributes from the record tab
  • Edit any displayed attributes directly from the entry cards

Read more about the different types of attributes you can create and how to manage them here.

Hide kanban stages

You can hide certain stages from your kanban view to narrow down your pipeline.

  • Open the View Settings menu on the top right of your kanban
  • Select Hidden Columns to open a list of your stages
  • Toggle off any stages you would like hidden from your view

Change kanban grouping

You can pivot your kanban view around any of the status type attributes in your collection. To change the grouping of your current view:

  • Open the View Settings menu on the top right of your kanban
  • Select Grouped by to see a list of your status type attributes
  • Select a status attribute to group by

Filter a kanban

Filter down your entries to fit any criteria with a combination of your enriched and custom attributes.

  • Select Add Filter, then select the attribute you would like to filter by
  • Choose the condition applied to your filter (contains, is equal to, etc.)
  • Choose the value of the attribute to filter by
  • Add multiple filters at a time in the same way and switch between and/or conditions between each
  • Remove filters by clicking the X to their right
  • You can read more about advanced filtering here

Sort a kanban

The sorting of your entries can be changed on the top left of your kanban based on any of your enriched or custom attributes.

  • Select Sorted by
  • Select the desired attribute
  • Then select either ↑Ascending or ↓Descending
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