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Attio glossary

New to Attio? Here are some of the terms we use when we talk about the platform.


A collection is a database of your entries in Attio. It might be a list of leads for your sales team to reach out to, or maybe a directory of designers to approach about your new logo. You can have as many collections as you like, and they're super customizable. When you first create a new collection, you can browse our ready-made templates for some inspiration.


A contact in Attio is a record of a person or a company. Contacts can be synced from your email account or added manually by you and your team. Each contact has a profile page where things like email threads, files, and notes are stored and tracked. Attio also automatically populates your contact profiles with carefully sourced data.


If a contact is like a cell in a spreadsheet, an entry is like a row. It’s your contact, plus all their attributes. So an entry might contain a company, their website, location, or a custom field like their hourly rate or contract expiry date. In your Attio collection, you can easily sort, filter, and search all of your entries.


A Kanban board is a super visual way to display your workflow. Stages of your workflow are split into columns (like To-do, Doing, and Done), and individual entries move from one stage to the next as things progress. The Kanban view is one of 3 views you can choose for your collections in Attio.


Attributes are completely customizable characteristics you can add to your entries in Attio. An example attribute might be a contact’s location, where they work, or how often they reply to your emails. You can set the format or ‘attribute type’ to a star rating, a currency, a checkbox, and more.

Quick actions

Summon our powerful quick action menu with Cmd/Ctrl + K and quickly perform pretty much any action in Attio you can think of. Create a new task, add a contact, fine-tune your settings - all without digging around in menus.

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