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How email syncing works

Integrating your email is essential to getting the most out of Attio.

By auto-enriching the data surrounding each of your contacts and creating polished records for the companies they belong to, Attio provides a deeper understanding of your network.

What Attio pulls from your email

  • Your contacts: a record is created for every person who you've exchanged emails with, and each company they belong to
  • Your relationships: Attio creates contact pages for every company and person we find. We also match up people and their companies to create an always-up-to-date network
  • Communication data: email metadata providing insights like last contacted and connection strength
  • Email content: the main text of your emails and any attached files, easily shareable with your team

How and why we use your emails

  • Communication data: Attio uses this data to show you actionable insights such as last communication and connection strength
  • Email content: Attio centralizes email content on contact pages so you can easily share it with your team, you have total control over what's shared and visible to team members
  • Files: email attachments are displayed on contact pages so all your files are centrally secure and you can decide which team members have access

Data enrichment

  • Attio merges the world's data with your own to give you a comprehensive single view of your network
  • Providing richer and more detailed insights into your people and company relationships, Attio helps you to make more informed decisions everyday

Calculating connection strength

  • Attio grades the connection strength with each relationship from across your team
  • Connections are broken down into 5 degrees, from Very Strong to Very Weak and sometimes No Connection at all
  • The strength of each connection is based on numerous data points such as frequency of bi-directional email communication and recent regularity of interactions
  • Attio's algorithm continuously improves and becomes increasingly accurate over time

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