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Email forwarding

For most teams, email is a key part of their workflows.

For those that opt out of Attio's email integration, email forwarding allows you to easily copy emails to your Workspace and create new records by using your email address.

Finding your inbound email address

  • Your inbound email address can be found by going to the Email Accounts tab in Personal Settings
  • The address will be your Workspace name followed by
  • Manage your email sharing settings by expanding

Sharing settings and blacklist

  • Once you've located your inbound email address, you can choose between two different sharing levels
  • Click the symbol to the right of the email to open your Sharing Settings
  • Blacklist domains or email addresses to stop syncing emails with certain contacts

Creating new records

  • BCC or forward emails to your inbound address, no matter which email provider or client you use
  • A contact record for all new domains found within the participants of the email will be created
  • For example, if you forward in an email from, a contact record will be created for Sarah and a company record for

Attaching emails to records

  • BCC or forward emails to your inbound address
  • Emails are attached to existing company records using participant domains ( and to contact records using full email addresses
  • Emails, including attachments, will appear in the email tab of all linked records

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