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A contact is an individual or a company in your network. Contacts are either synced from your email or manually created by you and your team.

Adding new contacts

  • You can add in new contacts to your Workspace from the search modal or within a collection
  • Start by searching for the contact in the modal
  • Select + Add as company or + Add as person if no matching options appear
  • You can add a contact in the same way when adding a new collection entry
  • You can also add in new contacts using our email forwarding features

Contact pages

Contact pages are profiles for each contact in your network centralizing the data, emails, files, and notes tracked around them.

Contact activity

On every profile you will find an activity timeline which tracks the following key insights:

  • First Seen: when your team first spoke to the contact
  • Collection activity: whenever the contact was added to and updated within a collection. Changes to collection data will only appear in the timeline to members with access to the related collection
  • Notes: any note created under the contact

Activity tabs

  • Emails: Attio automatically captures your team's interactions with each contact. Each user can manage access to their communications separately
  • Files: Sync your 3rd-party provider or directly upload related files into a dedicated storage space for future access and safe keeping
  • Tasks: Create, assign, and keep tabs on tasks associated with each contact
  • Notes: Capture ideas, share notes, and collaborate on thoughts regarding each contact

Contact details

  • Auto-enriched data: Attio automatically enriches your Contact profiles with carefully sourced data
  • Connection Data: Attio surfaces important insights into your relationships such as last contacted date and connection strength

Collection entries

  • View and add collection entries tied to your contact on the right hand side of the page
  • Review and update attribute values
  • Leave a comment for your team

Merging contacts

Attio's merging features help you clean up duplicate contacts merging them into one master record.

What happens when you merge two contacts?

  • When merging records you combine the contact data, collection entries, notes, and tasks from two source records into a master record
  • The master record is the contact record that will remain after the merge
  • The source record will be permanently deleted
  • You can decide which duplicate is the source and which is the master by toggling between the two

Detecting duplicates

  • Attio detects duplicate records using the domain of companies and the email of contacts
  • If a duplicate domain or email is added to a contact record, you will be prompted to merge the two

How to merge contacts

You can merge any contact with any other directly from their contact page.

  • Click the button in the top right corner of the contact page
  • Select Merge records
  • Click Select a record to find the duplicate contact
  • Select Merge records in the bottom right to combine the data

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