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A collection is an organized database of contacts. Customize collections to categorize, filter, sort and track contacts surrounding any workflow.


  • A collection starts with a list of contacts associated with a workflow, broken down by entries representing a deal, opportunity, lead etc
  • Create custom attributes such as labels, stages, and other fields to organize your entries
  • Utilize your custom and enriched attributes to filter and sort your collection into different, informative views to fit the many pieces of your workflow
  • Share collection data with other users to create a collaborative workspace
  • Read more about the basics of building a collection here

Manage collections

You can manage several shared or private collections

Create collections

  • Select the + across from Collections on your sidebar
  • Give your new collection a name and even an emoji
  • Select a view type to start with. We suggest starting with a table view to easily build out your database

Using templates

We've thoughtfully put together several collection templates, categorized both by common use cases and goals.

  • You have the option to choose a template when creating a new collection
  • Each template comes with several useful attributes and views to demonstrate how to get the most out of your collection
  • Templates are meant as a starting point and can be edited or expanded any time to fit your process

Renaming collections

  • Select the current name of the collection to edit.
  • Click the emoji to change the icon

Reordering collections

  • Hover over a collection and grab it from the right of your sidebar
  • Drag and drop the collection to reorder
  • The order of collections is set across your workspace and will be updated for all members

Deleting collections

  • Members with full access to a collection can delete the collection at any time
  • Select the icon in the top right corner of the page. Select Delete collection and confirm
  • Deleting a collection also deletes the attribute data belonging to it permanently

Sharing collections

Easily manage member access to your collections.

Permission levels

  • Full Access: The only access level with the ability to manage sharing permissions in the collection, regardless of workspace access
  • Workspace Access: All members of the workspace can view, edit, and export the collection, including creating new views, but not manage sharing permissions

In the absence of Workspace Access:

  • Read only: Users can read and comment on the content within the collection. They cannot create new views, edit, export, or share the collection data
  • No access: The collection and it's content is not visible by the user

Editing permissions

Members with full access to a collection can view and edit permissions granted to other members of the workspace at any time.

  • Open the share menu by clicking the + icon to the right of user avatars
  • Toggle on Workspace Access to share the collection with full access for all members of your workspace
  • Select No Access to revoke previously shared access

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