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Calendar syncing

Sync your calendar with Attio to view today's appointments, track events in collections, and link them to your notes.

Syncing your calendar

  • In the dropdown beside your workspace name, head to Personal Settings
  • Select the Email & Calendar tab
  • Click Connect Account
  • Grant Attio access to your calendar

Events in search

See today's events in the quick search window, RSVP directly from Attio, and create a meeting note in seconds.

  • Open quick search using the shortcut cmd/ctrl + k
  • You'll see today's appointments under Suggestions
  • You can RSVP or change your response directly from the quick search window
  • Create a note linked to your event by selecting an event and clicking Create note. Choose a record and create your note - you can find your new note on the record's profile under the Notes tab

Events in notes

You can add past and future events to notes.

  • Hit the n key to create a new note or open the Notes tab in your sidebar to find an existing one
  • Click Add event beneath the note title in the editor
  • Select the event you'd like to link your note to

Event attributes

Track events from within your Attio collection using event attributes. Event attribute types include:

  • Last meeting: date of your last calendar event
  • Last meeting with: member who organized the last calendar event
  • Next meeting: date of your next calendar event
  • Next meeting with: member who organized the next calendar event

To see event attributes (and other communication intelligence data) in your view, head to View settings in the top right of your view and pick + Add attribute from the dropdown. Click the lightning bolt icon at the top.

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