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Attributes are customizable data points added to your records in Attio. An example attribute might be a record’s location, where they work, or how often they reply to your emails.

Enriched attributes

Attio gives you a set of enriched attributes that auto-populate based on data we source about your records including:

  • Contact details: description, location, and social media links
  • Company details: foundation date, categories
  • Communication intelligence: last contacted, connection strength, and strongest connection
  • Learn more about enriched data

Custom attributes

Create custom attributes for your collection entries. Track values such as owner, priority, stage and more.

Attribute types

Choose from different formats for your attributes, and control the look and feel of your data points

  • Status - track which stage of your workflow each record is currently in
  • User - track owners or assignees (usually members of your team)
  • Select and multi-select - pick from one or more color-coded options in a dropdown
  • Text - fillable custom text fields
  • Date and time - track due dates, timestamp records, or schedule follow-ups
  • Number - track quantitative values such as percentages
  • Currency - select your currency and track monetary values
  • Checkbox - record yes or no answers by checking/unchecking a box
  • Star ratings - Add custom ratings between 1 and 5 stars
  • Record - track another person or company as a value

Managing custom attributes

Collection owners can access a dedicated attribute window for each collection. To open the attribute window:

  • Select the icon in the top right of a collection
  • Select Manage attributes
Manage, edit, and create custom attributes using the Manage attributes window

From the window you can:

  • Create a new attribute
  • Update attribute value options
  • Reorder attributes and the way they look on record pages
  • Set default values for new entires
  • Archive and restore attributes

Creating attributes

  • Select the icon in the top right of a collection
  • Open the Manage attributes window
  • Select + in the top right corner of the attribute table
  • Select the type of attribute you would like to create
  • Name your new attribute
Create and customize new attributes using the + icon in the top right corner

Updating attribute value options

The data entered into an attribute is called a value. Certain attribute types like single and multi-select require you to set the options for the dropdown. From the Manage attributes window, you can add as many value options as you like. You can edit names, colors, and the order of your options

Note: deleting options will delete the input data! You won't be able to get this back.

Setting default values

Save time on data entry by setting default values for your standard attributes like status, owner, or due date.

  • Select the icon in the top right of a collection
  • Open the Manage attributes window
  • Click in the cell under the heading Default values beside your attribute
  • Toggle on Enable default value
  • Set your default value

Some field types can have conditional values using natural language like 'current user' or '2 weeks from now'. A few common use cases of default values are:

  • Status default to New
  • Owner field default to Current User
  • Onboarding date default to Today

Record attributes

Workspace admins can add record attributes. Record attributes will appear on every record in your workspace.

Record attributes can be text, number, checkbox, date, star rating, single/multi-select, currency, timestamp, user, or record fields. While only admins can add or change new record attribute fields, any member of your team can assign values to them.

To create or edit record attributes, choose Workspace settings from the dropdown beside your workspace name in the sidebar, then navigate to Record Attributes in the left-hand menu.

Created by admins, record attributes will appear on every record in your Attio workspace

To display your record attributes in a view, click View settings. From the dropdown, scroll to + Add attribute. Click on the circle and square icons on the right of the top menu to see your record attributes.

Add record attributes to a view using View settings
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