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Attio Chrome extension

Downloading the extension

To add our Chrome extension to your browser you just need to visit our Chrome Web Store page and click Add to Chrome.

Once the extension has downloaded you may need to make sure that it's pinned to your toolbar. You can do this by opening your Extensions organizer and checking the pin icon beside Attio.

Accessing the extension

To access the extension while browsing simply click the Attio logo in your toolbar.

The first time you open the extension you will be prompted to log in. If you have multiple workspaces then you will also be prompted to select the workspace you would like to use.

Your chosen Workspace can be easily changed later by clicking your Workspace name at the top of the extension popover.

Navigating the extension

The extension has been designed to work identically to the web application. You'll find the familiar collections, activity, and emails tabs on each profile.

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