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Activity and notifications

Activity menu

You can find the activity menu at the top of your sidebar. The menu is broken down into two separate sections.

In-app notifications

Here you'll find different types of alerts such as:

  • @-mentions in notes, comments, or tasks. Clicking the notification will open up the full content
  • Select reply on comment notifications to respond directly from within activity
  • Email access responses. Click accepted requests to open up the email at hand


Here you'll find requests made by Members of your Workspace to view select emails.

  • Quickly respond to requests by clicking accept or deny in the menu
  • Click on the request notification to open the email at hand
  • Manage access to the email directly in the top right of the window

Email notifications

From your personal settings, set the email notifications you would like to receive.

  • Open your Personal Settings
  • Go to Notifications
  • Enable the notifications you would like to receive by email on the right-hand side
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