1. Actors


    In various places in the Attio API, you will see the concept of an ‘Actor’. An Actor is something that performs actions in the Attio system. A Workspace Member is the prime example of an Actor, but you will also encounter integrations, and automations from the Attio system as Actors.

    Types of Actors

    An Actor is made of two things: a type and an ID. The current list of Actors types and their corresponding ID format is as follows:

    • workspace-member - A human user who is signed into a Workspace. Comes with a unique UUID. You can get further information about the Workspace Member, e.g. name, avatar and email address, using the Workspace Member endpoints and the ID.
    • api-token - An integration using the developer API. Comes with a unique UUID for the token.
    • system - An internal part of the Attio system. For example, Communications Intelligence updates are registered with system Actors. Always comes with a null ID.
    "created_by_actor": {
         "type": "workspace-member",
         "id": "175bec0c-f06a-4c45-9962-7a7a6be28b8a"

    Example of Actor Usage in an API Response