Your Workspace in Chrome

Another two weeks have passed and the team have pushed some more amazing features.

One of them, the Chrome extension, has been in the works for the past few months and we're incredibly excited to release it into the wild!

Top new features

Chrome extension. Bring your Workspace into Chrome with our newly released extension! Open it on any website to see all of your relevant Workspace data. Edit attributes, read emails, and search historic activity.

If you're a Gmail user then it goes even further. Open it up while viewing a thread and it'll analyze the thread's participants and surface every related Contact.

Pinned views. After being much requested, we've worked double-time to add the ability to pin different Views to the top of your sidebar. Your pins are unique to you and your top pin will be the first page to load when you sign in.

We've also improved...

Email forwarding improvements. Every email client has their own way of generating forwarded emails. We've now added forwarding support for all major email clients and languages.

We're dedicated to keeping our users in the loop. Let us know where we can reach you and we'll keep you up to date with future content.

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