Product update #5

Templates & interactive notifications

Another huge update from the team. We've made some massive improvements to Collections, making it easier to get started, and added even more functionality to notifications.

Collection templates

We're building Attio to be the most flexible CRM out there. A tool that anyone can shape to the way they work.

To move one step closer, we've added Collection templates. Each template acts as a launch pad for our most common use cases. Start recruiting, fundraising, or selling in an instant.

Filterable. All of the templates can be filtered by category and goal, so you can easily find exactly what you need.

Custom-built. Every template is built from the ground up to fit each use case. Just populate it with your data and you'll be ready to go.

Interactive notifications

Several weeks ago we added notifications into Attio. Any time someone @mentioned you in a Comment or requested access to an email you'd get a notification. Now we've released the next iteration and have added a load more functionality.

@Mentions. Whenever you're tagged by a teammate in a Note, Comment, or Task you'll be notified. Clicking the notification will take you directly to the @mention.

Inline replies. If your tagged in a Comment, we've also added the ability to reply directly from the Activity tab. It works just like the regular Comment feed!

Email requests. There's sometimes a gap between requesting access to an email and getting a response. To make sure that you don't lose track of what you've requested, we now notify you when your request is answered.

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