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Product update #4

Comments & smart BCC

Comments are live and forwarded emails are now processing! Here's a brief rundown of why we've added them and the work that went into it.


Needing to quickly write something down or ask a question with some context is a common place to find yourself. Notes work for longer thoughts, but Attio lacked a place for those spur of the moment ideas or quick requests for feedback - so we added Comments.

Rich formatting. Express your thoughts more clearly with a wide range of formatting options, including our own custom-built emoji picker!

@Mentions. To add to the value of having a unique Comment feed for each of your Entries, we've also included mentions. You can @ any Contact or Company to create a live link, or a teammate to send them a notification.

Smart BCC

Unlocking the information we store in our email inboxes is a core principle of Attio. To extend this functionality to users who choose not to automatically sync their mailboxes, we've added Smart BCC - a simple way to get any of your emails directly into Attio. Just forward your emails to your Workspace's forwarding address to get going.

Permissions. If you've already set up email access permissions on a Record we'll make sure that your forwarded emails respect them.

Relationship analytics. Just like when you connect your inbox, we'll use your forwarded emails to calculate useful data points for your relationships. Information like last time contacted, connection strength, and strongest connection will all keep being updated.

Completely secure. Whether you choose to connect your inbox or forward individual emails, everything remains secure. We maintain enterprise-level security and data management policies so you'll never have to worry.

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