Integrated file storage & real-time notes

📦 Integrated file storage

We've gone above and beyond to deliver a seamless file system.

Integrated storage. Store any type of file direct on a record for instant access by your team. Each record functions as its own folder so you'll never have to worry about losing track again.

Third-party support. Connect Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive accounts to Attio and get access to all your files within Attio. Using multiple providers? Don't worry. You can integrate as many accounts as you like. You'll even be able to drag and drop files between separate providers!

Flexible folder structure. The integration is the least bit opinionated when it comes to folder structures. Whatever structure works for your team, you'll be able to put in place without hassle.

Permissions aware. Every connection has its original permissions respected. If a user is on a record, but doesn't have access to the files in the original provider, they won't be able to see them in Attio either!

📝 Real-time note taking

It's notes but with so much more.

Mentions and links. Create hyperlinks to other companies and contacts inside normal text. You can even mention other teammates and send a notification for them to check out your work.

Multiplayer. Watch as your team contributes in real-time, whether you're next to each other or half way across the world.

Easily customizable. Add variety to your words with the click of a button.

We're dedicated to keeping our users in the loop. Let us know where we can reach you and we'll keep you up to date with future content.

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