New field types & dynamic insights

🌐  Essential fields

Our latest update introduces our third field type: Essentials. Essential fields are based on the (essential) attributes that all of your Attio records come out of the box with. Think things like Name, Connection Strength, or Date Created.

These fields are perfect for alleviating manual data entry. As you use Attio and interact with your network, Essentials will automatically stay updated across the board, in real-time.

🔮  Dynamic insights

Another feature to help you not do manual data entry! All of your Organizations and People are now dynamically enriched with insights we've scraped from across the web like location and social media accounts. These will automatically stay updated as time goes on.

We've also launched our Connection Strength algorithm. As you and your team communicate, a combination of frequency, reciprocity, and a few other secret variables are used to calculate who's got the best relationship. You can find your Connection Strengths on profiles and in your Essentials.

🔀  Compound filtering

Every View now comes with the ability to add compound filters. All of the View's columns are available in the filters and you can use the 'and' and 'or' options to create the exact drill down you need.

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