Navigating in style

One of the things we're focused on delivering is a seamless navigation experience. After getting loads of feedback on how people are using multiple Attio tabs and Notes, we've dedicated two of the three big updates in this roundup to making their experience even better.

Top new features

Dynamic page titles. Your browser's page titles will now dynamically update as you move through Attio. Each title shows which Collection and View is open, or which Contact. Now you can easily differentiate between your Attio tabs, no matter how many you've got open.

Sticky Notes. Notes can now be pinned to the bottom of your window as small or completely minimized windows. They'll stick around while you navigate, and can be opened again with the click of a button.

Workspace exporting. With a click of a button you can now export your entire Workspace. Everything is split into its own CSV file with connecting IDs and zipped up for download.

We've also improved...

Tables. After some great feedback we've replicated Kanban's View Settings options on Tables. You can now sort by any of the Collection's attributes, whether they're shown on the Table or not.

Billing. Your Workspace's Admins are now able to manage all of your billing details including address, card details, and seat count directly from the Workspace settings.

We're dedicated to keeping our users in the loop. Let us know where we can reach you and we'll keep you up to date with future content.

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