Getting integrated

After two more huge weeks we've got two new features, a massive improvement, and some design polish to show you!

Top new features

Attio Zapier integration. Our Zapier integration is out of internal testing and ready to roll! The integration lets you connect over 2,000 apps to Attio without typing a single line of code. We love using it internally and we're extremely excited to share it.

If you want to get started building your perfect workflows then check out our top five connections or our step-by-step walkthrough for connection Attio and Zapier.

New API endpoints. We've released CRUD endpoints for Collections! The API now supports managing a Collection's Attributes, Views, and Members. If you're interested in integrating with Attio then check out our API documentation.

Inbox syncing times.  We've made significant improvements to how new inboxes are synced up with Attio. Now all of your contacts are imported into Attio in record time - and it's only going to get faster!

We've also improved...

Kanbans. You can now toggle each stage's visibility for that individual View.

Icons. We've updated our icon set for consistency and legibility.

Tables. New spreadsheet-style commands like Tab and Shift + Tab are now supported.

We're dedicated to keeping our users in the loop. Let us know where we can reach you and we'll keep you up to date with future content.

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