Activity feeds & Company suggestions

Our initial early access cohort is quickly growing (more invites coming very soon), we've added two new engineers to the team, and have pushed several huge updates to the product. Here are some of the biggest!

Top new features

Activity feeds. Understanding context is a key part of making decisions. To give you a helping hand, we've added the Activity feed to all Contacts.

Everything you need to understand a Contact's history is now in a succinct timeline. Each event type has a unique icon and is completely interactive.

Suggested companies. Whilst the contacts in your team's inboxes cover the majority of people and companies you might want to track in Attio, sometimes you need to go off-piste.

Now, whenever you go to add a new Entry, Attio will automatically suggest relevant companies from outside of your Contacts.

Customizable roles. Attio not only automatically adds relevant Companies to a Person's profile, it also lets you set their current and historic roles.

Each Company profile also has an equivalent section that lays out the entire team's roles.

We've also improved...

Note editing. A massive upgrade to how notes work including stability improvements and shortcut support.

Kanban Views. Kanban boards can now automatically scroll as you drag cards from stage to stage.

Workspace settings. Admins can now change your Workspace's name and logo directly from the settings panel.

File uploading. The File section now lets you fully browse your cloud and local storage when uploading files.

Tasks. Tasks will dynamically group together depending on how far in the future they're due.

We're dedicated to keeping our users in the loop. Let us know where we can reach you and we'll keep you up to date with future content.

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