Nicolas Sharp
CEO & Founder
Aug 31, 2021

Tooltips, shortcuts, and previews

After some serious feature polish we've got some great quality of life features to show off! We know these are super important to our power users so don't hesitate to reach out if you have something you'd like to see.

Top new features

Rich preview tooltips. Communication events now have rich previews.

Both email and calendar events are hoverable and will show up-to-date video meeting links, participation states, and the ability to request viewing access.

Note / commands. We're huge fans of shortcuts so we've extended them to the note editor.

Now you can use / to see all of the editor's features and quickly select the one you need.

File previews. From email attachments through to cloud folders, all PDFs and image files can now be previewed directly in Attio.

We've also improved...

Tasks. With the 'Create more' toggle you can quickly create as many tasks as you need, without needing to reopen the window.

Daily digests. Each morning you can be sent a breakdown of the day's tasks and any overdue ones you've missed.

Calendar events. Every event your team's ever had will now appear on activity feed each contact's profile.

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