Nicolas Sharp
CEO & Founder
Feb 5, 2021

'Tis the season for shortcuts

For the home stretch of 2020 and before we all head off for the holidays, we've got the final rundown of the latest and greatest updates to Attio.

Top new features

Quick Actions. Search has been expanded to include shortcuts for all of Attio's biggest features, and even included external links to things like support and API docs.

Filtering and sorting. We've updated the way filtering and sorting is shown on Tables and Kanbans. Compound filters are now neatly tucked away and your sort method is much more prominent.

Importing with IDs. The CSV importer now supports Contact and Entry ID matching. It means it's now possible to update existing Collection Entries, add existing Contacts to a Collection, and add brand new Contacts with pin-point precision.

We've also improved...

Enrichment. We've expanded our enrichment providers, now even more Contacts will have their data automatically inputted for you.

Tasks. All input fields can be set solely with keys or natural language, and you can open the Add Task with Quick Actions.

Email syncing. New emails will now sync to your Workspace in only a few seconds thanks to the deployment of our new MIME Monster and Munchkin servers.

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