Nicolas Sharp
CEO & Founder
Mar 9, 2021

Leveling up entries

We've been pushing hard to improve on everyone's feedback, particularly on Entries. The latest set of updates have been built to speed up your daily work in Attio as much as possible so you're now able to create, edit, and search for Entries even quicker.

Top new features

Creating with the Entry form. Previously when adding an Entry to a Collection, you could only set Attributes after creation. To solve that delay we've introduced the Entry form. It lets you set all of an Entry's Attributes in a single place before you add it to your Collection. Find it in Search or by pressing the + button on Tables.

Editing with the Entry form. As well as creating, you can also edit Entries with the form. You can access the edit state through Search or by pressing ⌘ + K when you've highlighted a cell in a Table view.

Entry duplicate prevention. We've also upgraded how new Entries are added to Kanbans. Now if the Contact already has an Entry in the Collection, you'll be prompted to prevent accidental duplicates.

Entry search in Zapier. To increase the possibilities with our Zapier integration we've added the ability to search for Entries. This is key for integrations that update existing records or when you want to make sure you aren't creating duplicates.

We've also improved...

Quick Actions. A range of new actions now surface in the Search bar depending on the page you currently have open.

Search previews. A compact view of a Contact's Entry Attributes now appears with each Contact's Search preview.

Third-party storage. Connections with third-party storage providers like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive are now more stable and faster to load.

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