Nicolas Sharp
CEO & Founder
Mar 23, 2021

Integrations and attributes

An eclectic group of features and updates for you this Roundup, but a great bunch nonetheless!

Our latest cycle has taken our iOS app a huge leap forward and it's now officially out of beta. We've also given the Chrome extension's search experience a boost, and added the much-requested feature: default Attribute values!

Top new features

Attio iOS app

iOS app. Our iOS app is officially out of beta and available for everyone. We've packed it full of features, with everything from Kanbans and Tables to emails and push notifications. And don't worry - the Android release is coming soon!

Default values for Attributes. It's now possible to set default values for all of your Attributes. Once set up, new Entries will have their Attributes default to your chosen value when they're created. Attributes like dates and users can even be set to be dynamic.

Attio currency format settings

Currency formats. You can now choose the format each of your Currency Attributes display as. There's currently support for US Dollars, Euros, and British Sterling, and each have the option of displaying as the currency's symbol, three-letter code, or name.

We've also improved...

Tables. We've taken customization to the next level with column resizing and adjusted cell design for a more compact viewing experience.

Chrome extension. Your Contact's connection strengths will now appear in suggestions and search results, and we've also included a shortcut in the Gmail toolbar.

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