Nicolas Sharp
CEO & Founder
May 21, 2021

Improvements and polish

Pushing out new features is always a pleasure, but another huge part of our work is making our current features better and better.

Top new updates

Contact page updates. The new layout lets us fit more data onto the screen and significantly improves how that data looks at lower resolutions.

We've also given each of the sections a more prominent position on the page, along with individual counters for how much content is inside them.

e for Entry. There's a new global shortcut, e. Now wherever you are in your Workspace, you can start adding an Entry at the push of a key.

Add Contacts from Search. Sometimes a Contact you're searching for just isn't there so we've added a new Quick Action. Every search result will now give you the option of adding your search term as a new company or person.

We've also improved...

Note previews. We've taken another look at Notes and improved the amount of information that's visible. Now find the one you want quicker and see if someone's currently working there.

Attribute settings page. The Attribute settings page has been updated to help managing individual Attribute's options and default value settings.

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