Nicolas Sharp
CEO & Founder
Feb 5, 2021

Enrichment and search

The first Roundup of 2021 is here! After the holiday break we've been back at it, working hard to expand some core features.

Top new features

Contact analytics in Search. Search now includes an easy visualization of each Contact's Connection Strength. We've also updated our sorting algorithm to take strengths into account and rank your strongest connections first.

Search sidebar. After all the positive feedback on Search, we've gone another step further and added the Sidebar. Now you'll get a live preview of each Contact's profile along with contextual shortcut actions.

Enriched Categories. As part of our push to get more automated data into your Workspace we've launched enriched Categories. Now, whenever possible, your Contacts will have their Categories automatically pre-filled.

We've also improved...

Email forwarding. You can now set the default sharing permission for your Workspace's forwarding address to Full Access.

Email syncing. All root-level Microsoft Exchange folders, including custom ones, will now sync into your Workspace.

Exporting and Importing. Our CSV exporter and importer now supports linking Contacts and Entries by their unique IDs.

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