Nicolas Sharp
CEO & Founder
Jun 30, 2021

Docs, calendar, and collections

Over the past few weeks we've launched an integration for email calendars, refreshed our support docs, and added a some neat features to help improve the Attio experience.

Top new features

Atlas support docs. Stage one of the new Atlas knowledge base is now live! The refreshed docs have been custom built to give you the best experience possible. Every part of the platform is covered, and we've included plenty of high-quality video explanations.

Atlas will soon expand to include in-depth guides on integrating Attio with your other tools, and how best to build out your workspace for different uses.

Calendar. The calendar integration is here. Now all your calendar data can be tightly integrated into your workspace.

For launch, we've included the ability to attach calendar events to notes, create event-based collection attributes, and view your day's events and attendees directly from search.

Collection view settings. We've added more options to collection's view settings to give you even more ways to fine-tune your data. Easily create, reorder, and hide attributes while immediately seeing the results.

We've also improved...

Kanban cards. Attribute labels are now toggleable to help increase information density.

Kanban views. You can also now toggle each kanban view's 'Time in status' feature.

Tasks. The sidebar's task counter has been updated to include tasks that are due today, as well as overdue ones.

Notes. There's a new global shortcut, n, that lets you create a note from anywhere in your workspace.

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