Alex Vale
Growth Marketing
Dec 16, 2020

Five connections for our new Zapier integration

To celebrate the release of our Zapier integration we've compiled five of our top connections. You can use them as-is, or as a starting point for you own, and start connecting Attio to 1000s of tools today.

To get started you'll need to make sure you have a Zapier account set up. If you're unsure how to get one going, we've made a step-by-step walk-through on how to create a Zapier account and connect it to Attio.

Our top five connections

5. Connect any HTML form directly to Attio

If you're asking for visitor's information on your site, you're almost certainly doing it with a form.

This Zap lets you connect any form directly to Attio so whenever someone submits it, their data is sent straight to Attio.

All you need to do is set your form to POST to the Webhook URL provided in Step 1 of the Zap. Send some test data through the form and Zapier will automatically extract it. From there, you can pick and choose how you'd like to use the data.

We've set the template to create a connected Person and Company inside your workspace. Depending on what sort of data you're collecting you can change this up. At a minimum, to create a Person you'll need their email address and to create a Company you'll need their domain.

4. Collect contact details with Typeform

If the first connection, and adding HTML forms to your site, seems too technical for you then you should try out this one.

Using Typeform - a product that lets you create, host, and store surveys - you can easily make an expert-level form. Their custom builder lets you make a great looking form that does exactly what you need in minutes. You can choose to send them out as a link or even embed it on your own site.

This Zap will take any response to your Typeform and automatically create a Person and Company in your Workspace.

We've seen people make everything from feedback surveys to lead generation forms with this simple setup!

3. Import new leads from Facebook Leads Ads

Facebook Lead Ads can be a great way to generate more interest in your business. Unfortunately Facebook only lets you download contact information that's no older than 90 days.

If you want to make sure that you've always got the latest lead information, and nothing is slipping through the cracks, you can use this Zap. Every time a lead sends you their information a new Company is automatically created in your Workspace.

You can easily remix this Zap by adding in steps to create a Person, creating a new Record, or update an existing Record.

2. Scan a business card and create a contact

With this Zap you can take the physical information on a business card and transfer it into Attio.

Using the Contacts+ card scanner, all of the information on the card is automatically transcribed. When you scan a card the Zap will trigger, passing the data through Zapier and into Attio.

The template is set up to create a Person in your workspace, but you could also add in another step to create a Company.

1. Add someone to Attio after they accept your Calendly invite

We're big fans of this Zap - we even use a variant of it internally. Whenever we schedule a call with a prospective client it's always done through Calendly. It's amazing to have them automatically move through our Sales pipeline when they accept!

This Zap is ideal for making sure your workspace is continually up-to-date with your call schedule.

Get creative!

We hope that these five examples show you how much is possible with with Attio and Zapier - even if you aren't a seasoned programmer. If you can imagine how connecting up Attio would help you then don't hesitate to try it! We love to hear about new flows and are always happy to lend a helping hand.

Interested in how we use Zapier internally? Check out our recent post on how we manage all of our inbound leads automatically with Zapier, Attio, and no code.

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